New Parcel Sorting Machine

Management gave official notice to the Union on January 6th, 2022, that a new parcel sorting machine, Linear Spider, will be installed in the facility. Tentatively the machine is scheduled to be delivered on Friday January 21st, 2022. The estimated contractor installation time is 3-4 days (local Maintenance Employees will be doing the prep work before hand). Management has January 27th, 2022, as the tentative date for the test phase. Management plans on having this machine running mail as early as January 28th, 2022. They intend to run this machine three tours a day (the bulk on Tour 1).

The new machine will absorb the 085, 086, 087, and 077 bullpens. To make room to accommodate the new machine DBCS 76 is being disassembled and put into a trailer. DBCS 57 will be put back online to run the mail that was run on DBCS 76.

Management has NOT given an official Position Statement regarding who will have jurisdiction on the machine. There currently is no national craft determination for this machine. As the Union gets additional information we will pass it along to the members.